Price : $24.99
Brand : asobu

Asobu PUMP N CHILL an AIR TIGHT Double Gel Walled Vacuum Insulated Tumbler for Smoothie, Juice and Shakes Tumbler Tritan Bottle 100% BPA free 17oz (Red)

Asobu Pump N Chill Is something you have never seen. Pump N Chill is a bottle that until now existed in only your dreams. Ever tried refrigerating a shake or smoothing for a couple of hours? Yea we know what happened you come back a while later hoping to take a swig of that delicious thick mixture and instead you find a funny color looking watery concoction. Whether you are into green cleanse shakes, tropical smoothies, Jamba juice or a strawberry banana protein weight loss shake you deserve to enjoy your smoothie its full freshness and texture. Asobu Pump N Chill can do all that this original patented lid creates an airtight container that is double walled and insulated so your blend can stay perfectly fresh n cold for 12 hours. And now combined with our freezable nontoxic honeycomb gel this bottle has all the bells and whistles you’ll need. How does it work you asked? Well after researching the issue Asobu has come to realize what causes your shake to start withering, changing colors and loose its nutrition is oxidation. Our amazing lid releases all the air in the bottle so your beverage is now airtight and oxidation does not occur. The Honeycomb Gel needs to be frozen for just one hour and then your drink is both airtight and freezing cold. Into plain juicing no problem the Pump N Chill can keep your drink cold for a full 24 hour day. So get cracking! No more excuses for leaving the weight loss or protein meal replacement at home. Get a Pump N Chill today and have your shake or smoothie when and where you decide. Make your own smoothie or go to the nearest store and buy one. Fill up your Pump N Chill and you are all set. Take it to the beach or make a colleague really jealous at work! Sky’s the limit with the Pump N Chill. Its got everything you can dream of: Well what are you waiting for get one today!


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