Price : $117.69
Brand : SuperFood

Bella NUTRIPRO Cold Press Juicer

Now you can have your own juice made fresh every day with the Bella NUTRIPRO Cold Press Juicer. Start your family’s morning out the healthy way with fruit juice or one of the other delicious recipes that comes with the juicer. Because it uses a cold press method of juicing instead of traditional blades, it preserves more of the nutrients than other methods, and it comes with two plastic jars to hold the juice and pulp. It also provides a better flavor, ensuring that everyone will be requesting seconds. It has a quiet operation to allow you to start morning preparations without waking the household. Besides delicious fruit and vegetable juices, you can use the Bella juicer to make sorbets, smoothies and other tasty drinks. Clean up is easy once you are finished juicing for the day. Just put the parts in the dishwasher and wipe off the NUTRIPRO juicer to have it ready for the next day. This is one appliance that is sure to get regular use in your household. Bella NUTRIPRO Cold Press Juicer: Low friction allows for more nutrients to stay in the juice Retains nutrients for optimal health Low oxidation of Bella NUTRIPRO juicer allows juice to stay fresh longer Comes with two 50-ounce plastic jars (one for juice and one for pulp) that are certified BPA-free Bella juice is easy to clean Dishwasher-safe parts Quiet operation No spinning blades Delicious Bella recipes included Model# BLA13695 Dimensions: 10.63″L x 7.48″W x 17.76″H


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