Brand : Blendtec

BlendtecTB-621-25 Total Blender Classic with WildSide Jar + Smoothies Bible and Kitchen Accessory Bundle (Certified Refurbished)

Cool off with a delicious cold smoothie on a warm summer day or enjoy some freshly prepared homemade soup for dinner with Blendtec’s total classic blender. This all in one appliance is your answer for fast and efficient preparation of anything whether it is fresh juice, milkshakes, soups, dressings or salsas. The blender replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast easy to use machine. Its ultra-powerful ultra-hard stainless steel blades are cold forged and tuned for heavy use. This allows them to resist corrosion much better than other blades. The blender?s patented vertical wingtip and precision angles are all carefully engineered for efficiency; the single blade design allows your ingredients to fall easily in front of the blades for efficient performance. With Blendtec you can now own the power of a professional restaurant quality blender in your home. Extra Strong Jar Blendtec’s state-of-the-art strong jar is strong yet light, the only thing you will need to worry about is lifting your blend. The patented jar design can reach blade tip speeds of up to 320 MPH providing you with more than enough power to crush ice. The jar is also optimized for smaller servings and is great for making nut butters, baby food and sauces. Meticulously Designed Blades Blendtec’s patented ultra-hard stainless steel blades are cold forged and tuned for heavy use, this allows them to be stronger and easily resist corrosion One Touch Precision Function Blendtec’s blender allows you to craft perfect food creations with just one touch from your very first try, whether it is making baby food or nut butters it’s fast efficient performance will impress you. Blendtec has already done all the trial and errorwar for you so that the pre-programmed cycle works perfectly. In addition each Blendtec blender comes with a recipe book; each of the 200+ recipes delivers delicious results using blend cycles of 90 seconds or less.


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