Price : $299.99
Brand : Elechomes

Elechomes CHS2001 1600W Professional High Speed Blender Food Processor, 10-Speed Settings, 68 oz BPA-free Jar

Elechomes CHS2001 Professional Blender

The Elechomes Blender is the essential item to have in any kitchen arsenal. With 6 stainless steel extraction blades whirring into action at over 274mph, it blends, blitzes and emulsifies any foodstuff from mass to mousse in mere seconds.

Whip up moreish, gourmet style recipes in a whisper. With a devilishly easy-to-use interface that controls speed, time and temperature in the most intuitive way possible. Meaning you can achieve professional results faster and quieter than ever before.

– Press fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

– Shake up a smoothie

– Crush ice for mojitos, margaritas, and frozen coctails

– Stir up sauces, salsas, and satisfying soups

– Grind grains and nuts for wholegrain breads, pizzas, and pastries

Release the full potential of your ingrediants

Elechomes pulses new meaning into the phrase high speed blender reaching speeds of up to 30,000rpm- that is 275mph and 0 to 60 in nothing at all! At this high speed, the mixer smashes the cytoplast (the fancy word for cell’s wall) in fruits and vegetables.Releasing phytochemicals (inaccessible through chewing), and allowing your body to extract 100% of the food’s nutrients. Meaning a stronger immune system and a happier, healthier you.

Elechomes is incredibly versatile, packing the power to handle thick ingredients whilst preventing air pockets from forming.

A guarantee you can rely on

30 days money back guarantee

18 month replacement warranty

Lifetime support guarantee

Package Contents

– 1 x Elechomes Base (Main Unit)

– 1 x 8 Cup Blending Jug

– 1 x Spillproof Lid

– 1 x Measuring Cup

– 1 x Stir Bar

– 1 x User Manual

– 1 x Warranty Card

Note: Only when the lid was sealed correctly, the blender will be powered on


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