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GDL Manual Healthy Juicer Fruit Juicer Cold Press Slow Juicer Fresh Squeeze Juicer Kitchen Tools Special Design Of Auger Orange Juicer

“Your Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority”, Contact Us Firstly If You Have Any Question GDL Is A Professional Kitchenware Manufacturer With Over 10 Years Of Experience Creating A Wide Variety Of Food Mixers, Choppers, Peelers, Juicers, Blenders, Graters, Food Processors, And More. Our Reputation For Providing High-Quality Products, Competitive Pricing And Prompt Delivery Has Helped Make Our Products Top Sellers In America, Europe, Japan, Australia And Other Regions. Our Products Also Sell Well In Globally Recognized Department. The GDL Manual Juicer Is A Simple And Easy Way To Make Delicious And Healthy Juices Using Your Favourite Fruits And Vegetables. The Juicer Has A Cold Press Juicer Auger, Easy Lock System, Suction Base, And Easy To Turn Handle. The Juicer Preserves Anti-Oxidants And Is Perfect For Making Healthy Detox Jucies. It Is Lightweight, Compact, And Portable. The GDL Manual Juicer Is A Great Tool That Every Kitchen Should Have. It Is A Manual Juicer That Uses No Electricity And Creates Delicious Juice Just By Turning The Handle. It Is Perfect For Making Healthy Detox Juices As It Preserves Anti-Oxidants. Slow Squeezing Technology Provides Natural Juice Extraction That Retains Rich, Vibrant Flavours. The Pressing Happens Without Centrifugal Action From Traditional Juicers, Without Heating The Nutrients (That Can Cook Them And Reduce Nutrient Benefits), And Without Mechanical Shearing Of The Juice Cells. Slow Juicing And Squeezing Technology Gives You Maximum Juice Output From Your Fruits Or Vegetables, And Maximum Antioxidant Benefits, And Full Flavour As Well. Its like Having Your Very Own Cold Press To Get The Health Benefits In Your Fruit And Vegetable Juice Blends.


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