Brand : Generic

Generic Lemon Manual Squeezer Sprayer Citrus Lime Fruit Juice Mister Spritzer Spray Gadget with Container for Healthy Salad Grill and Drinks Set of 2

On salad and mix with olive oil, Himalayan sea salt and pepper for a refreshing dressing. 
Favorite citrus fruit into water for a really tasty and healthy drink. 
Use for cutting boards to sanitize them. 
Spray lemon on your favorite fruits and vegetables to get rid of any dirt and pesticides on the skins. 
On skin to lighten liver spots, soothe poison ivy itching and dissolve warts. 
On hair and sit outside to create blonde highlights. 
With eyes closed, spray lemon on face for a natural cleanse and exfoliation. 
Directly on minor cuts to disinfect and stop bleeding.


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