Brand : Homerve

Hand Blender Stick, Food Processor, Whisk and Beaker 4-In-1 Set, 850watt 6 Speed Food Immersion Blender for Smoothies, Baby Food, Yogurt, Sauces, Soups and More.

Homerve hand blender set crushes everything thrown at it!

It helps you deal with the tedious kitchen chore like chopping, mincing, blending and mixing. This Homerve immersion blender set does all the work for you perfectly. Now you can relax, enjoy kitchen and the gourmet!

This hand blender is a wonderful gift idea. Help them get rid of kitchen chore. Especially if they love kitchen or if they suffer from frozen shoulder, arthritis or tenosynovitis.

It is equipped with top quality German motor. The Anti-Splash bell shaped enhances blending. Stainless steel shaft is durable.Once you touch the blender, you will know you won’t need another one in the near future.

You won’t find a 850 watt 4-in-1 handheld blender at such a great price.

Brand: Homerve
Model: HH-7354
Power: 110V, 60Hz
Wattage: 850W Max
Speed: 6 Speeds, 2 switches
Warranty: 1 year. Read manual for expections.

Packing List:
1 x 850 watt blender motor with 55″ cord
1 x 6″ stainless steel blending arm
1 x 1000ml mini food processor bowl. Max working capacity is 500 ml/ 2 cup.
1 x mini food processor lid
1 x whisk
1 x whisk holder
1 x 20 oz/600 ml beaker
1 x user manual
1 x illustrated instruction

-Read manual and instruction carefully before first use.
-Liquid is required for blending.
-Never touch the blades. They are super sharp.
– Run it no longer than 1 minute each time for longer lifespan.
-Make sure the chopping bowl is dry before using. Food may stick to it and cause uneven chopping and mincing.
-Fill chopping bowl to its 1/2(500ml/2-cup) or less. It cuts unevenly when overfilled.

Homerve hand blender is a helpful and powerful kitchen tool. You deserve one!


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