Brand : HappyGo direct

HappyGo 500ml 16 oz Glass Citrus juicer Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Lemon Reusable Infusion Bottle for Fruits such as Strawberry,Orange,Raspberry,Apple juices for Gift,HGVB1504

This is a easy to drink from,easy to fill and easy to clean fruit infuser does a great job of infusing whatever fruit you use,such as strawberry,pineapple,mango,apple,orange,they all work well,will definitely helps you to drink more everyday to keep a good health.

Who needs this?

Outdoor travel,such as camping,hiking,spring outing,biking,etc.

Home&office use:kids,coffee drinker,teacher,student,commuter,clerk,officer,miner etc.

How to use?

Step 1:Take off the green plastic part from the bottle base.

Step 2:Screw down the green part,and put your fruit in the fruit basket(lower part),then screw back the upper infuser.

Step 3:Put the needed water to dilute the juice as you want.


Please attention to the hot water when your are pouring the water to avoid scalding.

Please make sure you have screws down the infuser tight every connect parts to avoid leaking.


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