Brand : Jumbl

Jumbl 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer & Manual Berry Fruit Press Squeezer – Bowl Doubles as a Serving Cup w/ a Handle & Measuring Markings

Squeeze more juice out of every slice.

When it comes to juicing and pureeing, you could try mashing things up in your palm – and be disappointed. Or you could grab this Jumbl multipurpose juicer and get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. It’s compact enough to become your go-to juicer on the go, yet is designed with enough juicing capacity to deserve a spot in your kitchen year round. Give it a go, and you’ll discover just how much juice you can really squeeze out of an orange, grapefruit, etc. Best of all, it offers you two juicing modes, as follows:

Hand-press and inverted-press modes.

A total of 3 pieces make up this Jumbl multipurpose juicer:

a juicer/filter insert, a manual press and a measuring/serving cup.

For hand-press mode, set the juicer/filter insert into the cup with the domed side facing up. Align the tabs with the cup’s indents to keep things in place, and proceed to press down halved fruits against the juicer and rotate.

For inverted-press mode, set the juicer/filter into the cup with the domed side facing down. Then place smaller foods into the filter, and rotate the manual press to crush them.

From squeezing to sipping to serving.

The included measuring/serving cup steadily gathers the freshly squeezed juice, and provides you with simple measuring guides: up to 400 milliliters and up to 14 fluid ounces. The cup also sports a pouring spout and a useful grab handle, which make it as good a serving and sipping cup as any. At the bottom of the cup, a rubberized no-slip ring serves to prevent messes and to make juicing easier. All pieces are made of 100% food-safe and dishwasher-safe plastic. For compact storage, they stack neatly into one another.


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