Price : $182.17
Brand : Kai

Kai SELECT 100 Multi Blender (DK-5043) | AC100V 50/60Hz (Japan Model)

This product is made for Japan Market. It may require power transformer and/or plug adaptor for use in foreign countries.

This is the blender of 6 role in one preliminary arrangements to fish and meat from making mayonnaise and whipped egg whites.

The speed cooking to smart in the kitchen
Or crushed, or to puree, it can be easy to eat delicious nutrition material
Handmade simple attachment of six are used for different applications

Juicer I [mix]
Fresh juice can be easily done using the fruits and vegetables. Since breaking the ice with them and refrigerators fruit of frozen desserts, can be handmade as well as smoothies

Mincer I [carving-crush]
I minced meat and fish raw. Finish condition is finely rough is freedom. Surimi seafood and hamburger Quirky is completed

Masher I [mix-crush]
To the puree-like vegetables boiled, vegetables boiled. Because I am usable even in a pan, it saves time, it is possible to achieve even speed up the cooking time. It is indispensable to make soup

Grinder I [break]
The anchovies, pulverize the dried kelp, such as tea leaves. Width of the dish is spread remarkably addition to sprinkle, so make it easily as well as powder soup handmade

Whisk I [mix]
Mayonnaise can do by mixing oil and eggs, and vinegar. It is possible to mix the material that is thickened

Beater I [beat]
It is possible to whip whipped cream and egg white

Accessories: 6 type attachment, guard cover, brush, cleaner, recipe book


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