Brand : Simple Utensils

Lemon and Lime Squeezer Press | Metal, Manual Juicer with Two Cups for Citrus Fruits of Different Sizes, Blue/Yellow – Simple Utensils

Why should you buy manual a lemon squeezer?

You understand healthiness of citrus juice, but you do not want to spend tons of money on an expensive electric juicer. Or you may have the electric juicer already, but are not using it, since getting it out of the cupboard and washing it up after every usage takes a good deal of time, and it is simply a tedious work.

Manual lemon squeezer does not have such drawbacks. It is cheap, lightweight and can be quickly washed up with tap water. So do not stint yourself! Allow yourself to have citrus juice when you need it.

Why should lemon squeezer come with two cups of different sizes?

Limes are small, lemons are bigger and oranges are still bigger. All of them need their own cups for squeezing. Lemon squeezer with two cups makes it possible to use fruits of different sizes.

What do you get buying it now?

• Product of highest quality

• Lifetime money back guarantee

• Unique enamel coating

• Cheerful coloring


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