Price : $14.87
Brand : Kuxislxm

Lemon Squeezer Manual Hand Press Citrus Juicer,Kuxislxm 2 in 1 Premium Quality Heavy Duty Lemon Lime Orange Metal Enameled Aluminum Squeezer Manual Fruit Citrus Juicer For Kitchen Or Bar (Yellow)

This 2-in-1 lemon squeezer manual citrus press juicer with a perfectly-sized will adapts to your needs.

Why we said this lemon squeezer will definitely meet your needs?

You can see the following benefits of it:

1.This lemon squeezer press makes it easy to lemon press or squeeze fresh juice whenever you need it.

2.Extract more juice, right down to the last drop.

3. Keeps seeds and pulp out of your cup without a separate strainer.

4.Easy to use with no need for Batteries or Electricity.

5. Cleans in seconds or can be washed in the dishwasher.

6. Can be stored easily in a utensil drawer.

7. Safe and convenient use by all ages.

Question: How to use this lemon squeezer?

Answer: The proper way to use this lemon squeezer:

1. Cut the lemon or lime into 2 halves. (for very large oranges, grapefruit, etc. you may have to cut into more than 2 pieces)

2. Insert the lemon or lime cut-side down, facing the holes, into the bowl that best fits. For limes or small lemons, the green bowl is best, you will see limes become easy to squeeze.

3. Press the handles together until all the juice is extracted

In a word,this lemon lime squeezer manual hand press citrus juicer is a perfect partner for all seasons, especially for summer. The sturdy built of this aluminum lemon squeezer allows you to extract lemon or other juice from the fruits without a hassle. Extract lemon or other juice then add some ice cubes,enjoy the feeling of cooling in the hot summer.


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