Price : $14.99
Brand : LIANYU

LIANYU Aluminum Alloy Lemon Lime Squeezer, Manual Citrus Press Juicer, Yellow

LIANYU Aluminum Lemon Lime squeezer, made from high quality of materials, is an excellent kitchen aid for squeezing lemons, limes or oranges for juice. The ingenious and ergonomic design makes manual squeezing more efficient, it gets most of the juice out with minimum effort and the bowl with holes separates seeds, pulp and rind well from the juice. It is comfortable to hold and cleans super easily with the smooth surface. A great replacement of old-fashioned round glass juicers, which easy and works really well!

Overall length: 8.6 inches, Squeeze Bowl: 3 inches wide by 2 inches deep

Step 1: Cut the lemon or lime in half (for very large oranges, grapefruit, etc. may have to cut into more than 2 pieces).
Step 2: Put it cut-side down in the section with the holes with the cut side touching the holes.
Step 3: Press the handles together until all the juice is extracted, just squeeze the juice into your cups or bowls.

Cut the fruit into halves. Put one of them into the squeezer. Pls note the flesh section should face down while the peel section should face up. If you put it in wrong direction, the juice may spray out and you cannot get all the juice.

1. Please clean and dry it after using for your healthy daily use.
2. Hand wash recommendation. If you want to use the dishwasher, suggest the top shelf if the dishwasher has a heating element at the bottom.

Thank you for choosing LIANYU. Wish you enjoy a HEALTHY & GREEN LIFE with our products.


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