Price : $835.00

Miracle Commercial Citrus Juicer MJ500

The Miracle MJ500 Commercial Citrus Juicer is an excellent choice for any commercial environment. This juicer sets the standard in Europe’s cafes and restaurants. The MJ-500 is used for juicing oranges, lemons and small grapefruit. All juicing parts are stainless steel sure to last a lifetime! Designed for commercial use, MJ500 Commercial Citrus Juicer sets the standard in cafes and restaurants. The squeezing action in combination with a centrifuge running at 1500 rpm gives maximum juice extraction. For squeezing oranges, lemons, and small (64-count) grapefruit. All pulp is churned out by a rotor at high speed with such pressure that all the juice is forced out of the pulp. All juicing parts are stainless steel for durability and purity. Features: * Built from cast aluminum and stainless steel * Power activated by depressing top handle * Closed cover operation (less splashing) * Imported from France * Weight: 21 Pounds * Dimensions: 12″ Long x 7.5″ Wide x 15.5″ High * Voltage: 115 Volts, 60Hz * Motor: 260 Watts,4 Amps * Motor Speed: 1500 RPM * Extraction Method: Centrifugal Force * Warranty: 1 Year


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