NativeJuicer PRSJ700 Slow Juicer – Sale

Our best and quietest juice will amaze you with the amount of juice it extracts from fruits and vegetables. Unlike typical retail store or infomercial centrifugal juicer (“fast juicers”), the Native Juicer PRSJ Slow Juicer crushes the fruit slowly but surely rather than ripping it with sharp blades and high speed spinning. The PRSJ Slow Juicer slowly crushes fruits and vegetables like a peanut butter grinder and then forces the juice through the stainless steel mesh screen. All the pulp is left to exit the pulp shoot.

Best for soft foods (tomatoes, grapes, etc), medium hardness (apples, pears) and hard veggies (carrots). Produces more juice and drier pulp than other juicers. If you will be mainly juicing leafy greens we suggest using a centrifugal juicer or a blender to best enjoy the health benefits from leafy greens. If you will be using hard foods such as nuts we suggest using a blender instead.

Note: a 13 minute DVD is included that shows a white version of our juicer. It will only work on a PC and we recommend opening your media player before inserting the disc. It may take a couple minutes for your computer to recognize the DVD.


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