Price : $628.99
Brand : OrangeA

OrangeA Orange Juice Squeezer Orange Juice Machine Orange Juicer Drink Shop Commercial Auto Feed Stainless Steel

This Juicer machine designed reasonably, both exterior and interior structures are advanced. This machine is most efficiency juice making machine in the international market.Characteristics of the machine are: no antiseptic, coloring matter, essence and water in the fresh juice. It is totally different with other juicers in the market. Use this machine you just need to antisepsis and wash fresh oranges, the machine will peel the skin, producing fresh juices, filtrate automatically.


Food is absolutely safe

High quality stainless steel case

Easy to Operate and Clean

No antiseptic, coloring matter, essence & water in the fresh juice

Where are the original contact with the juice of stainless steel and high-grade plastic wear PC

Package Content

2 × A pair of peeling implement

1 × Cross implement

1 × 8-10mm spanner

1 × Electronic supply


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