Price : $1.99
Brand : OrangeA

OrangeA Plastic Citrus Fruit Orange Lemon Skin Remover Opener Peeler Slicer Cutter Peeler Set of 2 (Orange Peeler)

This 2pcs Orange Lemon Opener Peeler Packed in nice gift retail package for your own or your friends kitchen! Want to juice a lemon? Peel and Orange? Without getting your Fingernails Dirty or Hands Sticky and Colored? Get the 2pcs Citrus Peeler and have your Citrus Fruits Peeled in seconds without the dirty colored hands or nails. Conveniently packed in sets of 2 for your home and or vacation kitchen or just in case you loose one. Wow At this great price you have all your oranges, lemons and grapefruits peeled in seconds if not less. Buy it and find out what other party designs you may do with an orange lemon and grapefruit!


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