Our Four Favorite Raw Fruit Juice Recipes

Our Four Favorite Raw Fruit Juice Recipes

By Denice Moffat

My feeling about juicing is that you should have as many colors of the rainbow represented in your juice. It makes for a more balanced body, raises your vibration and also helps all your chakras spin clockwise (meaning that they are healthy.) With that said, here are our favorite five-star juice combinations so far.

Note: The volumes make about 4 cups of raw juice. You then divide that into two quart Mason jars and add 2 cups of ice cubes to each jar. Dump the whole mixture into your blender and buzz it on High to make 4 cups of diluted juice. This makes enough juice for 2 people for the morning juicing. Ginger is great for increasing circulation and it gives your juices a “zip.”

Juice #1: Cantaloupe juice with a ½ cup splash of Knudson’s Lemon-Ginger-Echinacea juice (we were trying to use up what was in the fridge one day about 10 days into our juice fast.) One whole 8-10 inch cantaloupe makes about 4 cups of juice.

Juice #2: Apple (4 cups), Pineapple (1/2), Mango (1), Plum (2), Banana (2)

Juice #3: Peach (2), Plum (3), Ginger (2 inch chunk), Pineapple (1/2), Kiwi (1), Orange (2)

Juice #4:Apple (3), Peach (1), Banana (2), Blueberries (1 cup), Mango (1), Plum (2) and Lemon (1)

The fruit juices are definitely more enjoyable than the vegetable juices. We really tried a variety of fruits and vegetables during our 40-day juice fast.

General Juicing Rules:

Drink freshly prepared juice and do not store the juice for over 24 hours. If you can’t drink it immediately, put it into a glass jar (filled to the top) and put a lid on it to prevent oxidation. Juice rapidly loses therapeutic and nutritional value during storage.

Raw fruits and vegetables are not always compatible when eaten together. Apples are the exception. You can also mix pears with Jicama.

Melons should be juiced by themselves. Making the entire meal melon is an option.

Avoid using pre-bottled or sweetened juices (like we did in the first recipe.) All the live enzymes are inactivated when they are pasteurized.

Minimize acid juices. Juices don’t stimulate acids to be released from the stomach, but orange and tomato juice are high in acids and you may want to mix these juices with other less acidic ones.

About cucumbers. I’ve read that cucumbers may not be good to mix with other vegetables as they are in the melon family, but it seems to work fine for us. We do limit cucumber to less than 25{9c1b54932072ce99c0bf710d66ced5eaa45f19ac325f076f97d83f91fd2fc514} of the total volume however.

Don’t add more than 25{9c1b54932072ce99c0bf710d66ced5eaa45f19ac325f076f97d83f91fd2fc514} green juice to your vegetable juices (unless you have a barf bucket handy! Woof.)

Juicing Greens–you might want to do this in between harder vegetables, the juice sludges at the bottom and doesn’t pour out easily if you juice them first. For example, I juice a couple of carrots, then a bunch of parsley, then cram a couple more carrots in after the parsley to get the juicer moving again.

Dilute all fruit juice with water (one part juice to 2-4 parts water) and drink throughout the day. We’ve found that 2 cups fruit juice blended with ½ tray of ice cubes comes up to 4 cups–the perfect dilution and it’s frothy cold.

Vegetable juices need not be diluted.

What to Juice:

51RvyIqjrsL._SL160_.jpgDuring the fast, select juicing materials and teas specific to your health conditions. Most of the people I see in my practice do well on the Eat Right for Your Type diet (www.dadamo.com). Because of this, I recommend juicing those fruits on the Highly Beneficial and Neutral Foods Lists. Our fast was extensive, but you don’t need to fast that long. A 3-day juice fast will give you lots of benefits and make your body healthier and more alkaline which is what you really need to stay healthy.

See our Juice Fast Blog to read about that experience at: http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/CoachingCorner/juice_fast_blog.htm

Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her phone consultation practice established in 1995. She has a content-rich website at http://www.NaturalHealthTechniques.com and free internationally distributed monthly newsletter. For more information and a list of vegetables and fruits with the maladies they are good for, go to: http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/HealingTechniques/juice_fasting.htm

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