Brand : OVOS

OVOS 304 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer Lemon Squeezer with Non-Slip Silicone Handle

Is juice a big part of your cooking or health regimen?

Do you juice lemons and limes nearly every day?
Do you love using citrus juice constantly in everything from salad dressings to cocktails? Cakes and cookies? Freshening up recipes with a fresh splash of lemon or lime?
Or maybe you appreciate the health benefits of drinking lemon or lime water every day?

Then the OVOS citrus juicer has you covered!

Our lemon squeezer press makes it easy to lemon press or squeeze fresh juice whenever you need it.
Save Money by buying only one press for both small and large fruit
Extract More juice, right down to the last drop
Heavy-Duty Design will last years without breaking

Do your juicing then just pop the citrus juicer press in the dishwasher and enjoy your day without messy clean ups.

Most presses do a pretty bad job of getting all the juice out – but not the OVOS juicer. Our squeezer uses leverage from the two handles to eke out every last drop of juice – but it also strains out the seeds and keeps your fingers free of that pesky citric acid!

Click Add to Cart now and see just how easy the OVOS manual press makes juicing!


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