Brand : Peakeep

Peakeep Premium Lemon Squeezer – Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Enjoy the lemon squeezer, or your money back!

>Get juice every drop, and juices lemons or limes to the last drop. Even the tiniest seeds and bits of pith are trapped in the bowl.

>Unlike others chipper squeezers our squeezer is made to last and will remain in 100% perfect condition, use after use

>Jumbo size holes to all of the juice, limes, small orange or some other fruit, such as cut the small piece of apple, small piece of pear.

> Stainless steel with a high quality hand polished finish that will not peel or rust

About This Product

*Easy to use, easy to clean.

*Made from premium stainless steel and hand burnishing.

*Strong, safe, design with simple and generous.

How To Use:

Cut the citrus into halves´╝îplace a fruit into the bowl open face down towards the holes, squeeze the handles, and the perfectly sized holes will let the juice flow freely while catching the seeds and pulp.

Product Specification:

Total Dimensions: 8.1*2.7*1.4

Handle Dimensions: 4*0.9 inch

Bowl Dimensions: 2*1 inch

Maintenance Tips:

1. Please clean with water after using then wipe dry.

2. Juicer should be placed in somewhere ventilation and no acid corrosion.


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