Price : $59.95
Brand : Philips

Philips HR2505/56 Multi Chopper, White

At last you can chop like a chef. Philips with unique Chop Drop technology embodies a specially designed chamber with 3 stainless steel fine blades, combined with automatic optimal speed selection. This ensures that you can always achieve dry and regular coarse chopped pieces of delicate ingredients such as onion, zucchini, mozzarella, as well as hard ones – such as nuts, carrots and more. The uniquely designed basket keeps the food in, while the three sharp blades are chopping. Once the pieces reach the optimal size, they drop from the basket into the bowl. The separately provided high speed chopping blade, however, gives a fine chopping suitable for grinding meat, parmesan cheese, nuts and more. Enjoy great tasting, good-looking homemade food with your family, every day!


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