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Brand : shentianmei

Portable 6 Blades in 3D Juicer Cup,Updated Version Rechargeable Juice Blender Magnetic Secure Switch Electric Fruit Mixer for Superb Mixing 380ml (pink)

How to use (very important) 1: Before use, please charge for three hours, the beginning of the lithium battery, the amount of electricity may be inadequate, so you need to charge 2 to 3 hours.
2: Just started using, the cup body can be screwed down, cleaned, and then use, cleaning process, careful blade.
3: when squeezed fruit, need to add water in the cup, let the fruit pieces float, press start switch shake or easy to get stuck blade, blade card out, non quality problems, the blade is screwed to the top, more tightly.
4: when the button, do not put the entire silicone button all push in, so easy to die, silicone button is to prevent children touch, so very hard. Should only press the soft part of the middle part of the silicone button, start the switch, and don’t press the entire silicone button. When you get in, you can pick up the button with a little sharp point, then stop for a while and let the motor adjust automatically. Maintenance method: If you don’t use it for a long time, you should dry the liner and keep it dry. When cleaning, do not use alkaline bleaching agent, metal chemical agent, cloth, gasoline, metal pellets and other cleaning products.

1.Better to cut the fruit into small pieces. Remove the nuclear material, hard, thick skin or hard shelled fruits
2.The juicer has to charge for 3 hours before using
3.This product can not be used more than 50 degrees of water heater microwave disinfection, in order to avoid thermal deformation damage
4.Do not place any part of this product into the dishwasher or other cleaning equipment
5.Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaning agents or corrosive liquid cleaning products
6.Quick double click the switch to start the juicer when you use it

Package included
1 x Juicer Cup
1 x Instruction
1 x Usb charging cable


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