Price : $2966.00
Brand : Miracle / Santos

Santos 68 Commercial Fruit & Veg Juicer with PULP DISCHARGE CHUTE TUBE

Santos #68 is the newest and possibly the finest centrifugal juicer on the market. Made in France, This juicer incorporates over 60 years of manufacturing and juicing experience. Now with even higher output … up to 140 liters/hour (40 Gallons) of juice per hour. Features – Constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel Cover, blade, and juice bowl are all stainless steel – juice only touches these parts The blade and basket assembly do not require tools for installation or removal. Just drop the basket in place and you are ready to go Can produce up to 140 liters/hour (40 Gallons) of juice per hour Extra Wide circular feeding tube – 3″ (79.5 mm) – NO NEED TO CUT most produce Continuous juice production by centrifugal action and automatic pulp ejection. Perfect filtration for a high quality juice : large basket with very fine sieve (0.5 mm / 0.02”) Usable with most fruits and vegetables: Apples, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, onions, beets, pears, spinach, etc. Citrus Fruits: oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes (citrus fruits must be peeled) Melon, pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, bananas (peeling recommended) Peaches, apricots, plums, tropical fruits (must be pitted) Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries Patented locking system provides safety through motor braking and power cut-off A single point cover locking system prevents the juicer from running when the cover is not locked in place One easy to use lever is a great safety system The clearance from the spout to bottom of the unit is 9″ high. Easy Cleaning, Parts are lighter in weight than previous units Motor protected by internal thermal detector and overload protector Seletable Pulp Discharge No Charge Options -Pulp Bucket – Black Bucket for under lid of machine (default) OR Pulp Chute a Chute attachment that allows pulp to be ejected to a hidden, under the counter Bucket


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