SHINKODA Manual Food Processor, All In One Chopper, Mixer, Blender, Whipper, Slicer, Shredder, Grinder and Citrus Juicer – Salad Maker & Mandoline Set With 5 Interchangeable Blades,4 Cup – Black

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SHINKODA has always devoted itself to providing best products with the end-users, so that you could enjoy the best shopping experience at the same time.

This kitchen miracle does it all. it has been designed to create perfect and professional results for food preparation in the most convenient way and at the shortest time possible. this machine contains heavy duty blades which can cut, dice, julienne, grate and shred up to ten times faster then regular hand. when making desserts, the paddle is used to whip, blend and beat to create excellent results. super easy to clean.

This kitchen tool includes: – slicing attachment – julienne – shredder – grater – citrus juicer – safety holder – storage lid – egg beater – chopping blades – egg white separator .

You will be amazed on what can you create with this kitchen miracle!


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