SOWTECH Citrus Juicer Stainless Steel Anti-drip for Squish Fresh Orange and Lemon with Cocktail Bartender

SOWTECH Small Appliance Seria is a American Brand, main sales Electronics, Home supplies, through US, Asia, Europe, Japan and so on.
Caring your daily diet and looking after well your health. Hope to bring quality life to customers.

SOWTECH Electric fruit juicer and lemonade maker can help you easy to get fresh orange juice,lemon juice for daily juice which can help you intake enough Vitamin C.
Also,you can mix it with different drinks like cocktail,Ron,Vodka, Gin, Tequila or make dishes and dessert.

Juicing advice
1.Citrus fruit juices should be consumed immediately and never stored in a metal container.
2.Citrus juices are ideal for mixing. For example, you can mix orange juice with lemon juice for and extra vitamin C kick.
3.Freshly squeezed juice gives cocktails a particularly tangy twist and better flavour. Lemon juice is also delicious in hot tea and additionally helps you build up your defenses when you have a cold.

All About Us
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