Sunkist S-102 Sunkist Fruit and Vegetable Commercial Sectionizer Base – S-104

This Sunkist Sectionizer safely wedges/slices/halves citrus fruit and vegetables with ease. Operation is as simple as pulling a handle. The Sunkist Sectionizer, which is made of ABS plastic, can cut tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and more. This fruit and vegetable cutter, Sunkist Sectionizer cuts uniform pieces for appealing presentation. Quick and easy cleanup. This Sunkist Sectionizer, including its plunger, stands 151⁄2″ high. 151⁄4″Wx131⁄8″Dx151⁄2″H. This Sunkist Sectionizer with blade is NSF approved. This model weighs 15 lbs. This Base Unit, Sunkist Sectionizer is made in the USA. Each model comes with your choice of blade and corresponding plunger. Central Restaurant Products offers seven blade types of the Sunkist Sectionizer. Important characteristics below. This Sunkist Sectionizer includes choice of one of the following blades:


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