Top Rated Detachable Aluminium Lemon Squeezer, Retro Style Hand Press Fruit Juicer, Manual Citrus Press Juicer (Quality Silver)

Do you have CHEE MONG Lemon Squeezer ? it can squeeze out the rich pure natural fruit juice, keep nature taste, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for the juice, also avoid any preservatives and artificial pigment. Strong, safe and super-efficient. Detachable Aluminium Lemon Press is also easy to use, clean and store.

HOW to USE :

1. Placing the half of the fruit into the container which is with the holes, then press the handle so that the juice will come out from the squeezer. It is most convenient if you are cooking.


Need some citrus for that foods? Want to tang up your steak or concoct the perfect pie? Use the juicer that keeps going..and going-give it a quick easy clean between uses and when you disassemble the Lemon Squeezer, no worries.


Squeeze Length : 10.5 cm/ 4.13 inches

Squeeze Width : 11 cm/ 4.33 inches

Squeeze Height : 22 cm/ 8.66 inches

Net Weight : 860 g/ 1.89LB/ 30.33 ounce


1. Be careful while you are squeezing, keep the squeezer out of reach baby under 3 years, and take care of your children when they use.
2. Recommended hand wash if you want to keep it shine.


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